Sound The Alarm

I was feeling slighty calm going into the hospital with my mom. Although I could vividly remember my freak out at my colonoscopy 10 years ago, I was a human pin cushion the last few days. The nurse started with the standard questions, but I was quick to inform her about my last experience. That is when she posed the question “May I ask why you are here, and why you had one before so young?”. I told her the two minute version of my story. Like clockwork the minute I said “liver lesions”, she stopped, looked up at me with “the face”, put her hand on my thigh and said “I’m so sorry”. Ummmm sorry for what lady?

Let me also tell you that a needle in the arm is very different then what feels like an 8 foot long needle going into your hand. I passed out.

After the colonoscopy I knew what to expect. The nurse wakes you up, doctor comes by and says “you’re good to go”, and then your ride comes to pick your sore ass (literally) up. Now, I should also mention for those who have never been to day surgery before, it is a big room jammed full of people. Nurses running around and patients everywhere either who just came out, or are sitting around with their saline bag hooked up waiting to go in. I was woken up and amongst the chaos, the room went silent. I heard the nurse across the room on the phone…

“Hi Jorjan…. Jamie is all done and awake…. How far away are you?….. The doctor is going to wait for you to get here.”

I knew.

After revealing the polaroid of four bleeding tumours, the first words out of my mouth were, “I’m going to have a poo bag!?”. The rest of that small conversation is a blur. My dad almost fainted, my mom surprisingly held it together, and I was a blubbering train wreck. The doctor confirmed it was stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to my liver. He let us know he was going to refer me to another surgeon right away. I kept begging him to just take me back to the operating room and cut it out now, but he obviously couldn’t just do that. So we left to go home and wait to hear about an appointment with another surgeon. In my head I gave myself 6 months, just like my grandma.


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