Look Out

So let’s jump forward to present day and get to the good stuff: My daily thoughts. I have always been told that I am the type of person who wears their emotions on their sleeve. I think I get that from my Dad. I have a hard time holding back anything, especially around annoying people. Lately though, I’m not sure if it is the drugs doing it to me but my emotions are on overdrive. I first noticed the change when I lost my mind over a chocolate bar (Yes, you read that correct). Poor Chris, he did not know the consequence of eating my half of a Wunderbar. I was convinced it was so much more than the mere fact that he ate his and my share of the chocolate bar. I mean who was I really kidding? Who the hell can actually split a chocolate bar? I definitely am not able to just eat half and put the other half away. That’s just wrong.

Let’s not forget the worst of all of them. Crying. This morning I started crying because I couldn’t get the lid off of my protein shake. Seriously. I know it’s crazy, but it does not stop the Niagara Falls coming from my eyes. I feel like a pregnant woman. Except my baby is cancer and trust me this bitch kicks harder than any baby.

I think it is just the drugs doing this to me, not to sure though. Obviously the magnitude of my situation could also be the cause. To most people’s surprise I am quite calm about my bump in the road. But seriously, what the hell I am supposed to do? Sit around all day and mope and feel sorry for myself? What a waste of time and energy.

One thought on “Look Out

  1. vanessa June 13, 2014 / 6:36 pm

    No real girl can eat half a chocolate bar !!!…. Or even just a bite

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