I am so hungry. If you have done a colon prep before you can relate to me. Eating popsicles and drinking chicken broth does not replace wonderful food. I think I am missing it more this time because I have no idea when solid food will come back into my life. Since they are removing a portion of my colon tomorrow, I suspect I will be on a liquid diet for a couple days to allow for healing.

Since the day I found out I was going to have surgery, I have been more anxious than anything. I just want this process to get started. Get this stupid cancer out of me already! Today however, my nerves are starting to set in. I am paying closer attention to the small things I am doing, as they might not be as easy starting tomorrow. Driving my car, cuddling with Charles, getting in the bath tub – all things I will have problems with post surgery. I am quite confident that everything will turn out ok, but there is that seed of doubt. How can there not be? I just try to push it out or turn it off when it enters my mind.

I may not be able to write for the next few days. Do not stray too far though, I will back – just with less cancer 🙂

One thought on “Tomorrow

  1. Breeeeedon July 20, 2014 / 10:17 pm

    All my bestest, most super-healfast vibes are all for you, love! Xoxoxo

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