Three Weeks

I am so close to feeling like myself again. Sleeping is still a challenge but everything else is almost back to normal. My wound is still open which is a pain though. I still have a nurse coming to the house daily to clean it, and now pack it. Oh packing – the worst part of the day. Right now they are packing approximately 5cm worth of gauze into my wound. This sounds just as fun as it is. I cry every time. I wish they could just leave it, since it will all be cut right back open again in 3 weeks – but they have to promote healing.

Even though I am not looking forward to my surgery, I am thankful it is hopefully going to happen faster than originally anticipated. I would like to get back on chemo as soon as I can. All those microscopic cells floating around my body worry me. Just inject me with the poison and let’s kill them all!

Life could be worse though. Every time I watch the news there is always some story of someone’s life who actually has it worse off than I do. Is this the life I planned or wished for myself? No, of course not. Could it be worse? Absolutely. That’s why I am able to move forward with my new version of life everyday.

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