As strange as it may sound to some – I really miss working. I have been lucky enough to find a job in an industry I am actually interested in. I’m not saying every single day I miss the grind of traffic and the stress of a upcoming meeting – but yes for the most part I do in fact miss working. I enjoy having a purpose to my day. Most people I tell this to call me crazy. I know the purpose of my days right now should be heavily concentrated on just getting better, but that does not stimulate my brain.

Growing up I have always set high goals for myself. I had plans. I knew what position I wanted to be in by what age. That all came to a crashing halt this year. Going on LinkedIn every day is not helping my problem either. I am happy to see past and present coworkers entering into new positions and really making an impact in the workforce, but I cannot help the jealous feeling. While the world is still moving around me I feel like I am standing still. I know when I do go back to work I will go hard. Constantly trying to prove to myself and others that I am no different – in fact maybe even better than I was before at work. I would have a new appreciation for tasks that may seem mundane to most. I would feel like I have a purpose again. That probably sounds weird to read – however I am not sure how else to word it.

Until I have consistent clear scans, my work life will remain on hold. I would hate to go back to work only to have to remove myself again. School has become something to now look forward to in the new year. If I can’t work right now the next best thing would be to stay up to date with the latest education programs for my industry. Man I sound like a geek. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Work

  1. Arwah December 9, 2014 / 8:45 pm

    You are a geek! Please focus on getting better because I REALLY need you back at work – things are crazy and not fun anymore 😦 I thought it would be selfish to want you to come back but since you want it too it’s not selfish right? 😛

    • jamieamead December 9, 2014 / 9:21 pm

      Really make me want to come back with your “things are crazy and not fun” lol

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