Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

It is obvious to say that since April 2014 my life has changed – and also I have changed. I do not know how anyone being told that they are on deaths door, and then maybe not, and now who knows, would be able to not change even slightly. One of the biggest lessons that has changed my life is the mantra ” Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Could not be more true and very applicable to my daily interactions.

Driving down the road, a car comes out of nowhere and cuts you off. First reaction normally would probably be a few swear words, maybe followed by some fist shaking. Perhaps you are even the type to do a window roll down if you were lucky enough to catch that person at the next red light. Total stress time – 10 -15 minutes. But for what? Are you injured? Did you die? Is your car ok? Then what is the point? Maybe that person is rushing to the hospital because his wife is giving birth, or has explosive diarrhea, or just missed you in their blind spot. We have all been there – cut someone off and felt like shit because it was an honest mistake.

The person in line in front of you at the grocery store is taking 5 years to bag their items. Maybe last time they got home and their fresh loaf of bread was squished, or they did not notice you behind them.

Your partner forgot to put your laundry in the dryer. Well this one I could sympathize with. I spend good money on my clothes and do not want them smelling like stale water. Go ahead and through a fit – I’m on your side.

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