I’m Done

Last chemo

After weighing all of the pros and cons of stopping my chemo treatments early, I decided to quit after 9 treatments. Well, maybe the word “quit” is not quite appropriate. I did not “give up” on my treatment, but instead I listened to my body instead of the general public’s opinion. This decision to not complete all 12 treatments was not taken lightly, and I would not have stopped without my oncologist’s full blessing. Lucky for me, he agreed with everything I had to say.

During my seventh treatment, my oncologist let me know that my liver was becoming inflamed because of all of the drugs we were pumping through it. This got me thinking – I started this process with a shitty, tumour riddled liver. Then I met this incredible surgeon who found a way to operate on that sucker. My body then worked its magic and created something out of nothing – it grew me a healthy new liver. Now, here I am, poisoning the shit out of it. The whole reason we were going so hard and fast with the chemotherapy was to try to shrink the lung growth. Now that we discovered that it was not shrinking, why continue on with the poison? Was there heavy medical research showing that you must have all 12 treatments in order to see the full results? Not that I could find. These questions I brought to my oncologist. He agreed with me fully. If my cancer did come back, it would not be because we stopped the treatments at 9. He let me know that if it wasn’t dead already, then 3 more treatments are not going to kill it. And so, I was done. After 19 weeks and 9 chemo cocktails, it is finally time to allow my body to heal.

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