Cancer Snob – The Sequel

I am not one to read my own posts. I am sure eventually I will start from the beginning and read every single one. It will be very interesting to listen to how I was feeling at the time. This past year I have had many ups and downs – and I am sure my blog accurately reflects that. One post however I have always thought of is my “cancer snob” post (If you have not read this post, it is one of my early ones so get scrolling!). My attitude towards others and life in general has changed so much since then – that I have considered deleting it. I hated the thought of someone stumbling upon my blog, and having that as the first thing they read. What the heck would they think about me? I have evolved so much as a person since then. The funny thing is, without telling anyone – I have had many people tell me that my “cancer snob” post is actually their favourite. Why? Maybe it is because people love a good bitch. 

I have decided not to delete it. It is part of my story and it is important to see how crazy the highs and lows can be. Now do not go getting all upset – I can still have my bitch moments. They are just on a whole other level now. 



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