While shopping at a health food store the other day, I hit the cash to find out my total was $450. Crazy. The natural supplements are things I believe will help to prolong my life, so to me they are a necessity. I noticed on their door when I walked in, a sign that read they provide 10% off for seniors. When two of the workers began to ask me questions about one of my purchases, here is how the conversation went.

“You are looking for Lactoferrin Ultra? We can order it in for you, but just to warn you it costs $360.”

“Yes I know, but the injections I take bi-weekly to help with my blood cell count cost $150 – so I am hoping this will prevent those.”


“For inbetween my chemo.”


“Actually speaking of, I noticed you provide 10% off to seniors. Would you be able to honour the same discount for a person on disability?”

“The discount is for seniors.”

“Yes I gather. I am asking if you would honour the same because I am on disability.”

“Oh, no sorry.”

“Ok, well I will just not purchase anything today and come in with my mom on the weekend in order to get the discount.”
I am not mad at the store. It is not their fault that many people in this society have decided to abuse being on disability. They are living their lives healthy but still claiming to have a problem so they can get paid out. Or maybe this store has encountered way too many people asking for a discount before and has just decided to be strict about it. That is their call because it is their store. Here is my beef with the entire thing. I am not trying to purchase the kale chips because it is a fad, and looking to save 50 cents. I am trying to purchase a large amount of supplements, that I will have to restock every other month – and would like to save $45 if I can. So whether they give me it today, or inconvience myself and my mother over the weekend – at the end of the day I am still getting 10% off.

Here’s the other catch – Since my time is short, I will never have the opportunity to receive the senior’s discount. Where are my perks for being on disability? I do not need discounted theatre tickets, or a cheaper coffee at McDonalds. I just want the over priced natural products that I am hoping will prolong my life to be a measly 10% off. Why is that too much to ask?

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