Real Man

What is the definition? I think to each person it is different. Before I start I have to go back before I was diagnosed.

Like many relationships we had problems. Not large, but many small. At the time I was frustrated with the many small problems we had, so I left him. This was February 2014. He was devestated and promised things would get better. I wouldn’t budge. In many candid conversations with his sister I expressed if I saw noticable and consistant change, we would end up back together. We did not stop communicating and I kept him up to date when I started have multiple doctors appointments. After finding out my diagnosis, he again was devestated and begged to see me. I agreed and we began hanging out again – just as friends. He wanted to get back together but I told him no – especially now. I begged him to go on dates with others and meet new people. I would become a burden and I did not want him to experience that. He should have everything in life and not become a widow in his thirties. He didn’t budge. It was not soon after that our friendship turned back into love. A greater love than I have ever known. Now all of the small and pety things we used to argue about do not matter anymore. Our relationship is probably stronger than most would ever dream of. Along the way I have given him many “outs”. Even with my latest terrible news I said to him again that we should break up. I want what is best for him and this isn’t a life he should have. He proceeded to call me crazy and tell me to shut up. 

He is now my best friend, my chef, driveway shoveler, landscaper, litter box cleaner, maid, taxi driver, back rubber, vomit bucket holder – he is everything. I will not be able to give him children or grow old with him. Yet through it all – he loves me. Most days the tears I shed are not for me but for him. Everytime he catches me crying he calls me a baby in a playful way, and reminds me that there are no tears aloud. He is my definition of what every man should strive to be. We are not staying together because I am sick – we are staying together because we love each other. No marriage vows of “through sickness and in health” are needed. 

Saying that though he better propose soon lol. 

2 thoughts on “Real Man

  1. lifeasiinterpret November 2, 2015 / 9:48 pm

    it looks like a wonderful relationship – I sincerely wish you will get your proposal soon 🙂

    • Jamie November 2, 2015 / 9:51 pm

      Thank you!

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