I think it’s really sad that grown men and women still find the need to hold grudges against one another. If you have been in a disagreement with a friend, spouse, co-worker, family member, and both parties have discussed the issue and it has been resolved – then everyone needs to just get over it. It is not about forgiving and forgetting – the feelings are there and it is hard to let those go – it is about not holding it against the person forever. I see and hear far too often the same “bitching” about the same issue with certain  people. When I say to them, “Well it has been X amount of time, maybe you should move past it”, they always have an excuse. In my day to day life now I always treat people with the same respect they show me in that moment. As long as you do no personally attack myself or anyone I hold dear, then I will pretty much get over anything. What is the point of wasting my energy on negativity? In the end it does no one any good. The less drama the better is the way I see it. 

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