How Are You?

My awkwardness socially is getting worse by the day. Not so much with people I talk to on the regular – more with people I run in to.

“Hey – How are you?” – said with a concerned face.

“Um good thanks, and yourself?”

What the heck am I supposed to say? I never know how much information people are expecting.

“Well, chemo is shit but other than that I’m good.”

Sometimes I do not want to go into detail about my daily thoughts and struggles. But then if I only give them a little glimpse of pain into my “How are you” response, they usually always have follow up questions as if they love listening to my pain details.

“Oh ya, so it is making you sick? Are you sick every day?”

“Um kind of I guess.”

Geeze lay off a bit. I feel like I should then return with the personal questions.

“So tell me about you and the bathroom. Are you regular?”

If that is an uncomfortable and awkward question for you to answer, then maybe you shouldn’t be asking me about my daily run ins with pain or discomfort.

Truthfully even with the moments throughout the day which I wouldn’t choose to have if given the option, I am still a very happy person. I have amazing family, friends, and a super amazing guy. So if I happen to answer your “How are you” with a “Great thanks! And yourself?” – I’m not actually lying at all. So stop pressing for the depressing stuff Debbie Downers.