The New Normal

What comes up a lot at doctor visits and in all the groups I attend is the phrase, “the new normal”. Seems to be very popular amongst the cancer world. During a group session this evening the topic came up, and I heard various ladies discuss their idea of their “new normal”. It varied a little but it had the same thread throughout – in their life pre-cancer they were able to do things that post-cancer they cannot. I began to think as the circle discussion slowly moved in my direction – why do we have to use this phrase in a negative manner? What if the “new normal” is a positive. Pre-cancer I did not eat healthy on a regular basis. What if my “new normal” is to consistantly strive for healthy choices. Pre-cancer I would always flip flop working out. What if my “new normal” is to do something active daily. Pre-cancer I was quick to judge others. What if my “new normal” is to be more understanding and respectful. Why can we not choose to be better post-cancer? What if my “new normal” is a mentally and physically healthier and happier life? I think that is something to be excited about.