Pain Killers

A long time ago I decided I was not a pill popper. I would leave my headaches to almost the point of no return before I would take an Advil. This was not always the wisest decision, but for some reason I did not want to take the pill. With my surgeries I have done the same thing. The previous two I was on all sorts of pain medication – and my body became addicted. It was a scary thing. I was experiencing withdrawals and it took me close to two months to safely come off of them. With this surgery I explained all of my concerns during my pre-op. I told them the only drug that was ok to give me, and they agreed. What I began to notice in the hospital right away when I woke up is how drugged up I felt. (And no I am not talking RIGHT when I woke up – obviously) Even with a minimal amount of pain medicine, I was still very loopy and do not remember much. I know pain control is a very serious thing post op. You can cause more damage if you stay stiff and do not get up from a laying down position. Even still, second day in the hospital I decided I would push past the pain and stop taking the pain medication. This has been difficult. I am at home now but am still struggling. I of course feel better with each day, but it is still very painful. Not only am I sore and swollen down my left side of my ribs, but my shoulder and neck are all out of wack. At first I could not figure out why – then we realized the position they must have flung me in during surgery. My arm was pulled tight above my head for two hours – no wonder I am in pain. With pain comes insomnia. It is extremely difficult to sleep when you are in constant discomfort. Still – I choose to endure. The “high” feeling I receive from the drugs is not fun for me. I know this pain will not last – and therefore I am ok with my decision. I just began this morning to take an Advil to help with the joint pain however. Having a piece of your lung cut out is one thing, but having a stiff neck is another.

Live At Emerg

Going to the emergency room at the hospital is always a last resort. No one likes to go there. You sit and wait for hours surrounded by people who are hacking a lung or throwing up in a bin. With my body being so problematic these days, anything we are concerned about has to be seen by a doctor right away. This urgency has increased ten fold since I have been home from my surgery. Since my surgery was so invasive, if there is anything wrong post-op it could mean something has gone wrong with the surgery. This past weekend I have been to the emergency room 4 times for my wound opening up, back pains and stomach pains. An interesting fact that I learnt was, no hospital will touch a surgical wound if it was not performed by them. This makes sense because they do not know my case in depth and do not want to harm another surgeon’s work. My question is – Why does the triage nurse not tell you this? I could have saved 2 1/2 hours of my time if they had told me this while registering. Water under the bridge now, but still quite frustrating.

Last night the doctors asked me to stay over in order to monitor my pain. Overnight stays are not my favourite, but what came out of this was another CT scan. I was able to see my surgeon afterwards and he let me know that my scans are showing a slight improvement. My liver seems to be slowly responding to my surgery – Yay! He is also now loosing planning to have my second round of surgery for end of September. This is great news but now I am also dreading it. I have not been having fun post-op and all I can think of is I have to go through all of this again. I really should not be complaining, as this surgery is helping to prolong or even save my life – but still.