Thank You

These two simple words are a part of my vocabulary multiple times a day. They always have been. When someone passes me a napkin, opens a door, hands me change, I always say “Thank You”. Over these past few months, these two words have taken on an even greater responsibility. They have to represent how immensely grateful I am to those who have helped me in any which way, throughout my cancer journey. I am having a hard time with it. I am used to saying thank you in a bigger way if someone goes above and beyond. Maybe buy them a gift or a card, treat them to lunch – just something that lets them know I really appreciate what they have done. I have hit the point however, that if I did that for everyone now, I would run out of time and money. The kindness of not only those close to me, but also others who do not even know me, has been overwhelming. I am continuously surprised by how many kind hearted people there are who are coming into my life.

So because it has been hard to individually thank each and every person, I would like to use this space to do so.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.